Coming from a young background in graphic and web design, I found myself drawn back into the restaurant industry, almost as if fate was guiding me there. I quickly expanded my basic knowledge of skills and techniques, and became Kitchen Manager within a year. Through the guidance of my mentor, working with many chefs over the years, and an incredible thirst for knowledge inside myself, I later challenged the Red Seal Exam and became a certified chef.

When not in the kitchen, I am spending time with my beautiful and spirited wife Miriah and two amazing daughters Teagan and Harlow, as well as a small circle of close friends and family.  I enjoy staying active by hiking, strength training, swimming, and biking. I love the outdoors with regular camping trips, and exploring what Ontario has to offer.

Still working in the restaurant industry today. I find myself wanting to give back, to inspire others with my passion for life and food, bringing local friends and family back to the dinner table. After all, life is about moments, do not wait for them, let me help you create them.

A few years back I took an interest in Japanese kitchen knives and fell down a rabbit hole, constantly on a quest for knowledge and having a true passion for sharpening. I began sharpening my own tools, coworkers, family and friends.

In life, sharpening, knives, food, and cooking I always continue to question, learn, and push forward. Looking forward to the journey as it unfolds.

A little about me,

My name is Mike Gibson.

First and foremost, I am a Husband, Father, and Red Seal Chef.

Growing up in a small farm town community, I have kept those roots. With a passion for seasonal and local ingredients, over 20 years in the industry, logging over 30,000 hours in the kitchen, and building a strong foundation of old school cooking techniques, I bring a lot to the plate. Every plate created is just as stylish as it is healthful. I live my life and cook with the classic 80/20 rule, you gotta live right?